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  • Credit accounts

    The Credit Account is a financing instrument designed to basically meet your company's liquidity needs.

  • Loans/Credits

    Medium/long-term financing instrument for your company's investments and/or projects.

  • Letter of Credit

    You will be able to issue and process the receipt of:

    • Technical letter of credit for bids or public tenders

    • Commercial letter of credit

    • Economic and financial letter of credit

  • Factoring: Advance collection of your credit sales.

    Factoring consists of the commercial assignment to CaixaBank of the credits that arise from your company's sales.

    Thanks to Factoring services, you can:

    • Hedge the insolvency risk of your customers

    • Obtain immediate financing for your sales

  • Confirming: Management of payments to suppliers.

    Confirming notifies suppliers of payment orders, and optionally offers the chance to advance payment without banking formalities.
    Anticipate your invoices and with automatic invoice collection when confirmed by the supplier.

Trade Finance

Import letter of credit

A secure and efficient way to make payments for purchases from foreign suppliers.

This service guarantees that your bank (CaixaBank) will pay the supplier as long as certain conditions are met regarding the documentation that the supplier provides to CaixaBank regarding the goods, their delivery, transport, etc., conditions that you as the buyer have previously agreed.

Export letter of credit

We ensure your operations abroad with a secure and agile means of collection. We provide a bank guarantee of collection, coverage of all your risks and the possibility of advance payment of the credit amount.

Trade Finance financing

At CaixaBank, we offer you a number of medium and long-term financing solutions for your trade finance operations.

Collection and payment management

Sending SEPA credit transfers

The SEPA credit transfer is a basic payment instrument for making unlimited credit transfers in Euro between customer bank accounts in the SEPA area in a fully electronic and automated way.

Your company will be able to make collections and payments using this service, with customers and suppliers within a single area covering 34 States: the 28 Member States of the European Union, plus the United Kingdom, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Monaco and San Marino.​

Management of daily receipts and payments ​

Mass payments

It enables you to issue payroll payments or payments to suppliers in bulk through CaixaBankNow in a very convenient way, at any time and from anywhere. With the Online Assistant, we help you create files in an agile way by importing an Excel file or including the payments individually. ​

Balance enquiry via
SWIFT message

This enables you to obtain your account balance in an internationally standardised format.


  • Current accounts

Demand deposit for the regular management of your company, collections and payments, etc.

  • Short-term investments

By means of term deposits with characteristics adapted to your operations and business.